[postgis-users] Rasters in PostGIS

yoda2nd yoda2nd at niacc.org
Fri Apr 17 08:44:03 PDT 2009

Actually I saw that WKT Raster was avalible, but I was unsure about it 
with it only in the beta stages and there does not appear to be much in 
the way of documentation yet.  I did check out the read me file in the 
SVN repository, and it seems to conflict with the documentation. 


The read me file says that it will not work with the current version of 
PostGIS, but the online documentation says it will.  Not sure which one 
is correct.


I've done this before using a similar approach you have and using GDAL to
read the elevations from the GeoTiff and dump them into an elevations table
with point geoms.  If I had to do it again, now that we have WKT Raster in
the works, I'd probably try that if you don't mind compiling yourself.


Mateusz has a nice test drive example of WKTRaster 


Hope that helps,

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