[postgis-users] How to find the nearest road (geom) for the point which is not exactly located on the road.

Kevin Neufeld kneufeld at refractions.net
Tue Aug 4 10:23:45 PDT 2009

Paul just posted an example for this kind of query:

Hope this helps.
-- Kevin

Thilani wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m developing a shortest path navigation application on GIS. I came across
> a problem when we need to find a shortest path from the location which is
> not exactly located on the road. In that case I need to find what is the
> nearest road (geom.) to that particular point 1st. Is there any available
> post GIS function to do that? If so can you kindly explain that using an
> example.
> Thanks and Best Regards,
> Thilani

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