[postgis-users] How to deal with linestring that is not simple (OGC compliant)

Christopher Swingley cswingle at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 09:19:51 PDT 2009


* pcreso at pcreso.com <pcreso at pcreso.com> [2009-Aug-14 07:02 AKDT]:
> This doesn't guarantee you won't have problems, but for what it's
> worth, my experience with PostGIS & GPS data as tracklines has been
> totally positive. 

I've had the same positive experience with storing GPS track logs of
bicycling and hiking routes in PostGIS, with one caveat: sometimes when
my GPS has trouble getting good positional data, it will create one or
more new logs that often have only one point in them.  Since I'm storing
each "trip" as a multi-line collection of all the active tracks from
that trip, I have to be careful to eliminate any of the GPS tracks that
only have a single point.  A line can't be a single point, so the
created geometry will be invalid due to the invalid line.


Christopher S. Swingley
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