[postgis-users] getting a square/rectangle arround a point

Daniel Grum daniel.grum at unibw.de
Tue Aug 18 07:16:06 PDT 2009

Dear Mailing-List,

I want to create a square/rectangle around a point-->via box2d(geometry) 
or buffer(geometry, double precision) for example.

If I have this rectangle I want to intersect this with another 
polygon--> saved in the (geodata) table: wald_by column: the_geom, to 
get information about the area the the "lumberjack" can dig.
The point in the middle of the rectangle = the point that is saved in a 
table in my database in the table: holzfaeller in the column the_geom!

Is this possible to solve?
Do I have to save this calculated square/rectangle in an extra/own table?

Thanks for every help.


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