[postgis-users] Split multi-linestrings

Suhr, Ralf Ralf.Suhr at itc-halle.de
Wed Aug 19 07:32:13 PDT 2009

Please post the geom with AsText(your_geom)

Gr Ralf

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Hi Frank,

thx for suggestion.

I try with ST_Dump using:


But unfortunately it give me again all segments with only 2 vertex :(

So from 1 MultiLineString with 2 parts each with 20+ vertex give me many LineStrings with only 2 vertex each :(


>Hi Andrea,
>Have a look to ST_Dump http://postgis.refractions.net/docs/ST_Dump.html

>>/ I try this code with postgis 1.4.0:
>//>/ ST_GeometryN(geom,generate_series(1,ST_NumGeometries(geom)))
>>/// But it return all LineStrings as simple segments with 2 only 


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