[postgis-users] getting a square/rectangle arround a point

Daniel Grum daniel.grum at unibw.de
Mon Aug 24 06:44:26 PDT 2009

Kevin Neufeld schrieb:
> You mean like this?
> SELECT ST_Intersection(
>   poly.geom,
>   ST_Expand(pt.geom, 2))
> FROM mypolygontable poly, mypointtable pt
> WHERE poly.geom && ST_Expand(pt.geom, 2);
> Yes, you can expand the bounding boxes on fly and use it to intersect 
> another geometry.
> Cheers,
> -- Kevin
> Daniel Grum wrote:
>> Your request nr.2 is perfect, thank you.
>> But can use this created polygon to selcet a part of another polygon, 
>> in my case public.wald_by.the_geom.
>> Or do I have to save the selcted information in a table and use this 
>> for the new request???
>> Because I need to selcet the other polygon to calculate the area of 
>> the selected part, of public.wald_by.the_geom !
>> --Daniel
It works, thx

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