[postgis-users] PostGIS test failures

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Thu Aug 27 22:56:27 PDT 2009

lighthousej at gmail.com wrote:

> I installed PostgreSQL 8.4.0 and compiled in PostGIS 1.4.0 (GEOS 3.1.1 
> and PROJ.4.6.1) for Solaris sparc machine, 32-bit binaries.
> PostGIS didn't like being compiled partly by Sun's C compiler, cc. This 
> setting is stored within the PostgreSQL global makefile configuration.
> I kept getting errors about unknown switches, etc... I edited the global 
> settings makefile with the GNU equivalent and everything compiled now.
> I was just able to get the tests to run using the "make check" command 
> and only two tests failed, sql-mm-compoundcurve and sql-mm-curvepoly.
> Rather than dumping the results immediately, here's the rundown:
> I differ on lines 93-97 of sql-mm-compoundcurve where it's comparing 
> five different polygons.
> On sql-mm-curvepoly, on lines 134-138, and lines 164 and 167 where more 
> polygons are being compared.
> I tried googling for phrases here and there but I keep getting the 
> commit messages,commit diffs,etc...
> Is there something I did incorrectly when I built PostGIS?

Hi Nate,

Unfortunately there is currently no real maintainer for PostGIS on 
Solaris/SPARC so it is entirely possible that we have missed something 
in the new build system. Feel free to post the output of "make" and the 
various regression diffs as as starting point.



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