[postgis-users] Updating PostGIS views from Geoserver

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Feb 18 00:19:36 PST 2009

Actually Paul answered my question so yes it does seem to be a limitation of
geoserver.  I do have the primary key field in my view and can edit it fine
by doing updates and so forth.

I think there is a way to set the target select and update differently in
geoserver so investigating that.

I was hoping I could trick Postgres into allowing me to add a select rule on
a table if I didn't put in a primary key and then adding a primary key after
the fact.  No such luck.  When you do that it converts the table into a
view. Kind of bizarre.



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Hi Regina,

I am pretty sure it is a restriction by Geoserver, but I am not a Geoserver
user, so I may be wrong. I am using updateable  views  with Postgis and QGIS
and it works fine, as long as it finds a primary key (integer and unique).
Did you make sure that you have a "primary key" in your view?

It may be that Geoserver:

- is not accepting views for inserts/updates/deletes at all
- is not seeing/accepting the rules
- does not find a primary key but requires one

I know other software that is not accepting views for updates/inserts
although the rules are present (e.g. pgadmin3)

Updateable views are very cool - I also use them to distribute to different
tables and for historization purposes.


Paragon Corporation wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is the best list to try, but hoping someone may 
> have a solution to this and since I'm not on the geoserver list, 
> figured I would try this one first.
> In one of the projects we have,  we have a PostgreSQL view with 
> update, insert, select rules on it.  I am told that geoserver sees 
> this as a read-only table since it can't see the indexes on it.
> Is this a limitation of Geoserver and if so is there a workaround 
> around this?
> The main reason we need the view is that we are trying to retrieve 
> information and update a field in another table from data 
> inserted/updated in the view so need these virtual fields to be present.
> I played around with the idea of creating a real table that mirrors 
> the structure of the view and putting an instead of select rule on the 
> table, but I guess this is not legal if a table has indexes which 
> would seem to defeat the purpose since it would make the table equally 
> unattractive to geoserver.
> Thanks,
> Regina
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