[postgis-users] Basic question #3 schemas

Ben Madin ben at remoteinformation.com.au
Wed Feb 18 18:10:04 PST 2009

And finally,

following on from my previous questions, I have a database at the  
moment with relatively static gis data and a large amount of content  
being added regularly. I'm learning about how Schema's work, and it  
would seem to me that I might see some management benefits from  
putting my GIS data into a schema on it's own, so I can pg_dump only  
my general work schema regularly, and the gis schema only after I've  
made changes (probably only every few months). This would help to  
avoid the current risk of not backing up tables because I added them  
to the database, but not to the -t element of pg_dump. It would also  
help because we backup nightly, and then transfer the database  
(currently around 54MB) across the internet to an offsite server. I'm  
guessing with out the GIS component, we'd be talking about < 2MB.

Given the size of the GIS component, this would be attractive... but  
are there implications for speed? Indexing? any good reasons not to do  




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