[postgis-users] ST_AsSVG crashes with large/complex geometries

Mike Leahy mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Feb 19 05:32:04 PST 2009

Hello list,

I'm wondering if anyone has run into issues with st_assvg locking up 
postgresql.  I have an application that generates svg from unioned sets 
of geometries.  So far it has been working pretty well, except I just 
tested it with very large sets of geometries, and it invariably locks up 
the backend database without any errors etc.  I could send a sample 
geometry if that would help, but I think this can probably be done with 
any dataset.  I've verified that the problem is not with st_union, as it 
outputs a geometry just fine...it's only when it gets to st_assvg does 
it freeze things...there is no CPU activity.  I do see this in the pg_log:

*** glibc detected *** postgres: postgres testdb [local] SELECT: 
realloc(): invalid next size: 0x000000000220f410 ***

Am I just expecting too much of the st_assvg function, or is this 
something that might be fixable?

Thanks for any advice,

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