[postgis-users] Stack Builder freezing on Windows

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 23:38:29 PST 2009

Jim Graham wrote:

> The Stack Builder within the PostgreSQL installer locked up with a 
> screen that indicated it was checking for an existing installation of 
> PostGIS.  This was recreated on 3 machines using Windows Server 2003 and 
> Windows XP.  Running the PostGIS installer separately it went further 
> and then locked up on the "Creating template database..." dialog (see 
> below).  All lockups lasted more than an hour without any idication of 
> progress.  The installer completed without locking up on a Macintosh.  
> This was very recent with the latest builds - any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Jim

Hi Jim,

The two points at which you mention the installer freezes are when it 
launches a psql (command line client) process in order to connect to 
your existing PostgreSQL cluster.

If you look in your %TEMP% directory, you should find a a further 
directory called postgis_installer which contains the batch files used. 
I would try and copy the content of these files and run them manually to 
see what is happening from a command prompt, e.g. :

set PGPASSWORD=mypassword
set PGPORT=5432
C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\bin\psql.exe -d template_postgis -U 
postgres -h localhost -c "SELECT version();"

If there is an issue here, it should be fairly easy to spot. Have you 
altered the configuration of pg_hba.conf/postgresql.conf from the 
installed default? And could you have a firewall/virus checker installed 
blocking connections to localhost?



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