[postgis-users] The Old Who is using PostGIS survey again?

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at ccom.unh.edu
Mon Jan 5 08:30:45 PST 2009

My 2 cents...

It's very exciting to hear that you are working on a book.  If you get 
stuck with publishers, have you considered publishing on lulu.com?  No 
idea how good it is, but it is mentioned at the end of 

Without a solid book on a topic it is often hard to convince our 
partners to adopt that technology.  A book they can hold often gives 
people that extra boost of confidence.


Paragon Corporation wrote:
> So to make a decent case for a book, can each of you in your own words
> describe
> 1) How you use PostGIS?
Many different uses:

* We use PostGIS as the backend to our Environmental Response Management 
Application developed for NOAA.  The front end is OpenLayers and 
MapServer with OpenStreetMaps
* Vessel tracking with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) for 
vessels throughout the United States with NOAA and the USCG.
* Now that ESRI support Postgresql/PostGIS we are looking to migrate 
data to PostGIS to allow other tools to interact with a large collection 
of NOAA weather data streams in addition to the traditional ESRI web 
* Lots of misc small projects from hydrographic survey line planning to 
right whale monitoring.
> 2) What you find useful about it over anything else?
It's more flexible and stable than anything else we use.
> 3) Why you think there should be any book written focused on its use and of
> course if such a thing were to exist, would you buy it?
I could get more of our staff to use PostGIS if there was a physical 
book for it.  Many of us need the focus of a book to help learn tools.  
I would certainly purchase a book on it the moment it was available.

> Of course I'll also need some official download stats etc. which hopefully
> the Refractions group can help out with.  I think Mark Cave-Ayland had
> posted some stats a while back, but can't find them.
> Thanks,
> Regina

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