[postgis-users] postgis libraries not found

tlange at gwdg.de tlange at gwdg.de
Tue Jan 6 10:53:33 PST 2009


I installed geos-3.0.3, proj-4.6.1, and postgis-1.3.5 on CentOS 5.2.
Postgresql-Version is 8.1 (which comes with CentOS).
Loading the lwpostgis.sql file gives a lot of errors. So I tried to create
the first function in lwpostgis.sql by hand. I hope the translation from
the german output is ok.

test=# CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION histogram2d_in(cstring)
test-# RETURNS histogram2d
test-# AS '/usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom', 'lwhistogram2d_in'
test-# LANGUAGE 'C' IMMUTABLE STRICT; -- WITH (isstrict);
HINWEIS:  Typ »histogram2d« ist noch nicht definiert
DETAIL:  Erzeuge eine Hüllentypdefinition.
FEHLER:  konnte Bibliothek »/usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom.so« nicht laden:
libgeos_c.so.1: Kann die Shared-Object-Datei nicht öffnen: Datei oder
Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

Fehler = Error: could not load library: »/usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom.so«:
libgeos_c.so.1: cannot open shared object file: File or directory not

However, /usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom.so exists and libgeos_c.so.1 is in
/usr/local/lib. Postgis configure script has found the paths for geos and

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you!

Some output from postgis' configure script.
This file was extended by config.status, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.60.  Invocation command line was

  $ ./config.status

on my.computer

config.status:636: creating Makefile.config
config.status:767: WARNING:  Makefile.config.in seems to ignore the
--datarootdir setting
config.status:636: creating config.h
configure:6695: result:
configure:6697: result:  SUMMARY
configure:6699: result: 
configure:6701: result:
configure:6703: result:  HOST_OS: linux-gnu
configure:6705: result:
configure:6707: result:    PGSQL: /usr/bin/pg_config
configure:6717: result:     GEOS: /usr/local/bin/geos-config (with C-API)
configure:6719: result:           (ldflags: -L/usr/local/lib)
configure:6725: result:     PROJ: prefix=/usr/local libdir=/usr/local/lib
configure:6729: result:    ICONV: 1
configure:6732: result:
configure:6734: result:  PORTNAME: linux
configure:6736: result:    PREFIX: /usr
configure:6738: result:   EPREFIX: ${prefix}
configure:6740: result:       DOC: /usr/share/doc/postgresql/contrib
configure:6742: result:      DATA: ${datarootdir}
configure:6744: result:       MAN: ${datarootdir}/man
configure:6746: result:       BIN: /usr/bin
configure:6752: result:       EXT: /usr/lib/pgsql (\$$libdir)
configure:6756: result: 
configure:6758: result:

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