[postgis-users] postgis libraries not found

Peter N. Schweitzer pschweitzer at usgs.gov
Tue Jan 6 11:17:24 PST 2009

tlange at gwdg.de wrote:
> Fehler = Error: could not load library: »/usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom.so«:
> libgeos_c.so.1: cannot open shared object file: File or directory not
> found.
> However, /usr/lib/pgsql/liblwgeom.so exists and libgeos_c.so.1 is in
> /usr/local/lib. Postgis configure script has found the paths for geos and
> proj.


My first guess is that you need to run ldconfig so that the system 
will know where to find libgeos_c.so.

You probably know to do createlang plpgsql <dbname> before loading lwpostgis.sql,
but if you had skipped that step, that could cause trouble too.

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