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Tue Jan 6 19:12:37 PST 2009

dear all,
i found an article about using postgre-postgis-arcsde on http://support.esri.com/index.cfm?fa=knowledgebase.techarticles.articleShow&d=35385
Few days before, i found the exact same article but with additional steps (tha above article has 5 steps, the one that i found has 7 steps)
I was just wondering what does step 6 (GRANT SELECT, INSERT...ON public.gEOMETRY_COLUMNS TO username) actually do ? is it for enabling SDE to load PostGIS layers (ie:loading data with PG_geometry datatype) ?
I am able to do GRANT on any user via ArcCatalog or PGAdmin without executing that script. 
thanks for any advice
Here is the article that i found (i just add the missing steps cos the rest is exactly the same):

If using a database that is PostGIS enabled, additional privileges must be granted to the user: 
GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON public.Geometry_columns TO username;

The new user account is now ready to be used in the PostgreSQL geodatabase. To exit (quit) from the the PostgreSQL interactive terminal, enter: 
and press Enter. 
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