[postgis-users] Buffering latlon features in meters

Gregor at HostGIS gregor at hostgis.com
Thu Jan 22 17:15:44 PST 2009

Hey, all. I posted a Wiki page about buffering latlon features in 
meters. It's old news that the trick is to reproject to a meters-based 
SRS, but the selection of which SRS is up in the air.

I got some great advice from nhv on #postgis and we came up with a 
solution that seems to work very well: make up your own SRS and know 
it'll work. :)


This seems a lot better than picking a UTM for data that goes outside 
the UTM's zone, or World Mercator, or a few other tricks I tried that 
weren't so great.

Comments are welcome, especially if you can improve on our mechanism.

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