[postgis-users] river network labeling

surya storma-ipb at indo.net.id
Mon Jan 26 09:20:46 PST 2009

Dear Nicolas,

I have two tables. One table consists of geometries of 100 rivers with its 
tributaries. Each river and its tributaries (branches)  is  divided in more 
or less 10 segments, so i have 1000 river segments in one watershed. Second 
table cosists of segment attribute of each river  such as 
upstream-beginning-node (FROM) and downstream-ending- node (TO), segment 
name, river name, water level, etc. How I can join both tables and have 
segment attribute displayed in webmapping (f.e. Mapserver). I have ever seen 
example in road labeling, where they have attribute for each segment suc as 
fromleft, toleft, fromright, toright. What does this attributes refer to? Is 
it also possible to SQL-query which river tributaries (branches) flow into 
which certain river in this river network?

I hope my question does not take to much of your time.

best regards,


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>> Dear List,
>> where can I find information on how to give label  for river
>> network in a big watershed.
>> best regards,
> Hi,
> What do you mean by "to give label" ? do you want to update some
> attributes for a 'river' table, or do you want to display labels in
> some visual representation (desktop GIS, webmapping...) ?
> Nicolas

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