[postgis-users] Massive CAD load to Postgis

Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Fri Jan 23 08:07:42 PST 2009

In principle loading 1.000 is the same as loading 1.  As Ivan stated, 
you need to analyze your CAD data to figure out what layers go into 
which tables.

You can use ogr2ogr to load the data directly.

You should pick a few files out of your data set to test your ogr2ogr 
conversion (or FME as Ivan stated).  Then you can write a script that 
loops through all your files and converts them.

Presumably your files are something like map sheets.  Therefore, you 
would want to use the append option of ogr2ogr to, for example, append 
the roads from each cad file into one "roads table".

CAD files often have weird 'CAD stuff' that doesn't convert well to a 
GIS - think of cartographic as opposed to representational stuff like 
cells in Microstation.

Have you considered paying a contractor to convert these files?

Gabriel Messner wrote:
> I have to load one thousand CAD files to Postgis, but I don´t know how 
> to deal with this issue.
> Any help will be appreciated....
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