[postgis-users] Shapes to PG

Neil.Young Neil.Young at Freenet.de
Sun Jan 25 07:22:13 PST 2009


I'm trying to import these shapes 
http://www.bundesnetzagentur.de/media/archive/11358.zip (found at 
into a PostgreSQL 8.3/PostGis 1.3.5 database under Windows. The scale of 
the shapes is 1:25.000, the projection GK III. I would like to use a 
freely available generalization tool, which runs on PG only.

I cannot really import the full dataset, neither using shp2pgsql nor 
psql nor pgadmin III and whatever tools are available. There is almost 
at least one error. Either the "client_endoding" doesn't match or big 
chunks of the data don't have a geometry value at all after the import 
(e.g. the area of Flensburg). But I'm not very familiar with PG too. Is 
anybody of you, using this database, able to give me a clue?


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