[postgis-users] Conversions

Tom Glancy Tom.Glancy at dnr.state.mn.us
Sun Jan 25 17:32:43 PST 2009


This looks like WGS 84 (srid 4326) --> UTM zone 17S (srid 32317)

Here is the code:

select asText(Transform(geomFromText('POINT (-78.9856190700062 -2.90724299848327)', 4326), 32317))

results in:
POINT(723909.733375549 9678459.93445246)

There are small differences on the order of 10cm. Not sure what's causing that.

Good luck,

>>> davyd <davydky at gmail.com> 01/24/09 10:01 AM >>>
Hello dear list,

Fine, I need to transform this coordenates:



Or to this geometry:

I tried it with the function geometryfromtext() with some SRID including
24877(Ecuador) or (4326), but dont work's.


Thanks in advanced!  :)

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