[postgis-users] Shapes to PG

Nicolas Ribot nicky666 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 06:05:19 PST 2009

> If I copy&paste this line manually into the pgadmin script window, it looks
> as whether the spacial data is not present (don't know, whether I can make
> this clear, so I've attached a screenshot). However, Flensburg and others
> don't have a the_geometry at all...

PgAdmin is not the right tool to check if you have spatial data in
your table, as it fails at representing long lines.
You should make an sql query to check the data validity, type or
nullity, something like:
select distinct geometrytype(the_geom) from onb;

Or you can use a visual tool to display your table (mapserver, uDig,
Jump, ... plethora of choice)


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