[postgis-users] Shapes to PG

Neil.Young Neil.Young at Freenet.de
Mon Jan 26 06:08:23 PST 2009

Nicolas Ribot schrieb:
>> If I copy&paste this line manually into the pgadmin script window, it looks
>> as whether the spacial data is not present (don't know, whether I can make
>> this clear, so I've attached a screenshot). However, Flensburg and others
>> don't have a the_geometry at all...
> PgAdmin is not the right tool to check if you have spatial data in
> your table, as it fails at representing long lines.
> You should make an sql query to check the data validity, type or
> nullity, something like:
> select distinct geometrytype(the_geom) from onb;
OK, my selection was

select * from onb

This comes up with a couple of lines, containing the_geometry and much more, not containing a value in this column.


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