[postgis-users] Stack Builder freezing on Windows

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Mon Mar 2 03:00:46 PST 2009

Jim Graham wrote:

Hi Jim,

> Mark,
> Thanks for the quick reply.  I searched my system and could not find a
> folder named "postgis_installer".  I tried using the "Stack Builder" from
> the "start" menu and received the following error shown in SBError_1.gif.
> If I click "Ignore" I receive the second error.  The log file is empty and
> the installer window then freezes.

As I mentioned before, it's in the local user's TEMP directory which 
should be under C:\Documents And Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp 
somewhere. In fact, you can see the directory path in your attached 
SBError_2.gif screenshot.

> The firewall was turned off through the installation of PostgreSQL and
> PostGIS.  I have not changed any of the installation or configuration files.
> I just spent some time with one of our networking folks and he verified that
> the port was open and PostgreSQL is listening.  We tried repeatedly with
> different variations and were unable to get it to install.  One of the
> errors was that a template database already existing and it could not remove
> it.  We checked PostgreSQL and did not see a a template database (it was a
> new install of PostgreSQL.
> I was writing up this email and walking back through the installation and it
> worked!  I ran the installer from the downloaded temp file
> ("postgis_1_3_5_pg83.exe") and without creating a spatial database.  I still
> received the SBError_1 and it did create a database.  If there is a new
> version of the installer I'd be happy to test it in the future (we have
> other servers that are clean we could try it on).

The second error is a new one created by the introduction of the new 
8.3.6 PostgreSQL installer. It is actually harmless, but I'll see if I 
can come up with a work-around for the next release.

Does your original error show up if you remove PostGIS and then attempt 
to install it again?



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