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Depending on where you are located, the NOAA has rainfall at 4km x 4km
grids, and a host of wfs-queryable data at a dynamic grid size (that I
suspect may conform to the 4km x 4km grid as well).

I can dig up the URLs if you are interested.

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I'm trying to do something similar (but with commodity prices across a  
number of regions in a number of countries), and only last week  
cottoned on to PL/R, which I think looks like the way to go.

I am thinking I would try (I still am!!) something like kriging to  
create a surface in R, and then I could send the parts back.

So good luck - thanks for asking because there is some great  
references in the responses people have made.



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> Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 22:06:07 +0000
> From: Greg King <gregspam at kooji.com>
> Subject: [postgis-users] Postgis Spatial Interpolation
> I'm fairly new to postgis and spatial databases but have been very  
> pleased
> with the results I'm getting from postgis to date.  One of my  
> projects is
> using postgis to load weather data from a 0.5 x 0.5 degree lat/long  
> grid.
> I'm looking to  interpolate data values that fall between that grid  
> point I
> have values for.  A bit of googling has revealed a number of  
> applications
> that interface to postgis and can do what I need (eg GRASS), but I  
> don't
> need their full functionality or the overhead of interfacing with  
> them.  My
> project needs simply to return interpolated values to a web page and  
> I would
> rather just have a pl/pgsql procedure that gives me interpolated  
> values for
> a given point.  My initial thoughts are to feed the necessary point  
> data
> from my database into a custom pl/R function and get R to  
> interpolate the
> data for my point.  However, that is going to involve a fair amount of
> custom code and for me to learn more about R.  I don't want to  
> reinvent the
> wheel, so I'd be grateful for any thoughts on solutions that meet my  
> needs?
> Thanks,
> G
> PS In my googling I also saw references to PGRaster, but it looks like
> that's still under consideration for development in postgis?


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