[postgis-users] Multilinestring aggregates

Santiago Martin Alfageme s.martin at igme.es
Fri Mar 13 08:54:07 PDT 2009

First post on the forum from a newbie in PostGis.
I want to model a group of lines from geological cartography representing
faults. They share common attributes like name, sismic activity and so on.
Therefore, logic assigned OGC class geometry is Multilinestring in order to
gruop them under same register on table. But some of these lines differ in a
fields´s value (i.e. fault_type). I would like to keep all them in a
Multilinestring with common fields. And "attach" fault_type field to
Linestring. Multilinestring is  theoretically an "aggregate" from
Linestring. But I don´t know the way to model those Linestrings, I mean:

 - Can I access to Linestrings inside a Multilinestring?
 - If so, Can I assign attibutes (fields) to those Linestrings?
 Thanks in advance

 Santiago Martin
 Spanish Geological Survey (IGME)

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