[postgis-users] postgis on postgresql 8.2 vs 8.3

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Just to add my 2 cents.  I've been running 8.3 on 2  production systems
for about 6-8 months now.  Aside from the index issue Mark already
mentioned, and also a bbox issue (with cached bboxes not always being
recalculated -- hmm I think this is fixed in 8.3.6 -- though I'll need
to verify) , I haven't run into any issues as far as PostGIS is

However -- I think the biggest problem that people run into when
upgrading from 8.2 to 8.3 is that they took out a lot of autocasting
behavior so if you did things like assuming boolean can be treated as 1
and were less than careful with dates and numbers I forget the others
you may run into issues.  So you may want to test some of your apps in a
test mode first before blindly upgrading. (Sorry to scare you like
that).  I haven't run into such issues myself since the apps I have in
8.3  started out in 8.3.  I have yet to go back and upgrade my other
apps running on an 8.2 install.

As far as what you get with upgrading and things to watch out for, I
think its pretty well summarized here if you haven't already taken a


Although I'm almost tempted to say if you haven't upgraded yet you might
just want to wait for 8.4.  8.4 has all the major earth shattering
enhancements in it without any additional fuss (as there was with 8.3 --
e.g removal of casting change that breaks apps) so you only need to test
your apps once. Can't wait for that to officially come out.

Hope that helps,

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Hi all,

I have been holding back on upgrading my postgis installations from 
postgresql 8.2 to 8.3 because:

1) it seemed like there was a lot of new postgresql stuff to figure out 
in 8.3. What are the big changes I need to be aware of?

2) it seemed like there were initially some bugs and issues in 
postgresql 8.3 that I'm guessing have mostly been resolved

3) seemed like there have been or still are some postgis issues when 
running on postgresql 8.3

Is postgis and 8.3 safe and stable? are there specific bugs I need to be

aware of? Do we have a list somewhere and work-arounds?

On my Debian box, I installed postgresql 8.2 long ago and have just held

onto it, but the packages are no longer available in the archives and 
sometime later I added liblq5-dev package which appears to have come 
from 8.3 which is causing me headaches.

I can upgrade to 8.3, does this require a dump and restore, or is there 
a hot upgrade for postgis databases?

I can try and find a debian postgresql-8.2 source package and see if I 
can build the .deb files from that, but it seems like I will like need 
to upgrade to 8.3 regardless at some point.

So I looking for advice, feedback, whatever.

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