[postgis-users] PostGIS 1.3.6 is available

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed May 6 12:59:31 PDT 2009

PostGIS 1.3.6 is now available


This release contains the following bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  - Enhancement - PostgreSQL 8.4 compile support (Talha Rizwan, Mark
  - Fix Big fixes for CURVE handling in many functions 
    (Mark Cave-Ayland, Mark Leslie)
  - Enhancement Trac#34 - pgsql2shp now creates .prj files where applicable
(Regina Obe)
  - Fix Trac#88 -  Windows Vista pgsql2shp memory bug (Regina Obe)
  - Fix Trac#146 - for distance calculation on collections (Nicklas Aven,
Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix Trac#116 - crashers for rare EWKB cases (Paul Ramsey)
  - Fix to address an SRID of -1 in probe_geometry_columns (Kevin Neufeld)
  - Fix Trac#99 shp2pgsql logical error when importing DBF-only (Regina Obe)
  - Fix Trac#105 pgsql2shp dbase file creation (EOF marker issue) (Paul
  - Fix updated AddGeometryColumn to throw an error if then specified schema
does not exist, 
  	rather than throwing a notice and then an error. (Kevin Neufeld)
  - Fix - Documentation corrections for better handling with PDF DbLatex
(Kevin Neufeld)

We don't have a windows binary version available yet, but are working on

Thank you,

PostGIS Project Team

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