[postgis-users] manual binaries install for windows

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jul 7 05:00:57 PDT 2010

There are zip binaries available


Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you see

PostGIS Binaries  - instructions are there

-- Also if you want to try the experimental ones -- which are at this point
just bug fixes to the stable branch, use these -- these are always packaged
as zip files and there is a readme on how to manually install


Though can't help you too much with the PostgreSQL part.  

There is a Windows Portable GIS  flash project with PostGIS/PostgreSQL for
windows, that would do if you need PostgreSQL without installation also


It's a bit of a hefty download I think, but doesn't require any installation
at all -- just unzip and use (has a bunch of other goodies besides PostGIS
too :) 

Leo and Regina

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i'm stuck at a univ where the network won't allow d/l of EXE files. i can't
see any ZIP, etc files for the windows install bits so....is there a
step-by-step walk thru for installing postGIS manually?

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