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Richard (Abe) Coughlin rac88 at hawaii.edu
Wed Jul 14 12:42:52 PDT 2010


My original issue was that within SPIT it was not allowing the 
non-public schemas to be listed.

It easily finds the shapefile and can create a table in the public 
folder but it wasn't 'seeing' the other schemas.

Remember SPIT is about loading shapefiles to tables in POSTGIS, not 
loading layers.

  Richard (Abe) Coughlin

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On 7/13/2010 10:47 PM, Luís de Sousa wrote:
> Hi again Abe,
> So SPIT needs CREATE privileges on the schema to load a postgis layer?
> Am I reading it correctly? It makes no sense...
> Luís
> On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 9:36 PM, rac88<rac88 at hawaii.edu>  wrote:
>> Luis,
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> All the items you mentioned had been addressed.
>> On further investigation I found the solution:
>> QGIS SPIT calls the has_schema_privilege function via the script "select
>> nspname from pg_namespace where has_schema_privilege(nspname, 'CREATE')".
>> Note the second term 'CREATE'.
>> The function has_schema_privilege(schema, privilege) queries whether the
>> current user have the privilege for schema.
>> For schemas, the CREATE privilege allows new objects to be created within
>> the schema.
>> QGIS SPIT did not show the additional schemas as the user had been granted
>> the USAGE privilege only. For the user to create new tables in the schema
>> the user has to have CREATE privileges or ALL privileges or be the owner of
>> the schema (which gives the user ALL privileges).
>> Thanks all for the consideration of my problem.
>> Abe
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