[postgis-users] Record permission

Mike Toews mwtoews at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 06:12:35 PDT 2010

You after something called "row level permissions". Search that term
and see some examples on how to implement it. It is possible, but it
is difficult to set up and maintain. PostgreSQL does not support it
out of the box.

Basically, you need to have a table of users, which mirrors your
pg_user system view, and the PostGIS table(s) that require row level
permissions are accessed using views with rules. The rules need to be
tuned to understand the permissions from your user table using
CURRENT_USER. I did this once as a proof of concept, but not in
production use.


On 23 July 2010 00:10, Jaime Fiers <jaime.fiers at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi again guys.
> Another question.
> Is it possible to get record/line level permission.  I mean, I need some user can view only records that math with some condition inside a table... another user can edit some different recods...
> I found web information, but I was no able to get it.
> Thanks in advance
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