[postgis-users] WGS84 Representation

konfri at gmx.de konfri at gmx.de
Tue May 4 02:50:10 PDT 2010


I'm trying to store WGS84 coordinates as points. A sample is:

5043.7922;N; 01324.4940;E;

So, if I store this coordinates with POINT( 5043.7922 01324.4940), the column contains:


In addition, I discovered that google uses the WGS84 coordinate system too, but with a different representation. According to http://www.tma.dk/gps/#converttodec, I converted 5043.7922;N; 01324.4940;E; to:

56.01715 12.18926

I tried to visualize both representations on google maps, but just the decimal r. is displayed properly. There is also an other representation degree, minutes, seconds. I'm confused since all three representations seem to belong to the same WGS84 coordinate system. Am I right? So, what is the reason for having multiple representation of the same coordinate system. 

Would you suggest to persist the decimal representation? Or do even all representations end up in one internal representation as mentioned above?

Thanks for your help, unfortunately I just started with the exiting GIS topic.



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