[postgis-users] Point with azimuth

Hubert Świetlicki hubert.swietlicki at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 11:56:31 PST 2010

I'm planning to use PostGIS in my web application for storing data about
specific address points on a map and roads geometry. And then - via
MapServer - I will publish the data as WMS.
I'd like to ask you what is the usual way to store the point in PostGIS? It
may seem really trivial, I know. But - I'd like to give to the user some
additional possibilities. Firstly, the point will be displayed as an
rectangle and the user can rotate it (set azimuth) before saving. It also
will be labeled with a string. All of it - the coordinates, the angle and
the label - will be visible via WMS.
My solution is to store the point as - in fact - an rectangle (POLYGON) in
geometry db column, the label separately as the next column.
What do you think?

Best regards,

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