[postgis-users] export polygon to shapefile problem

Thomas Kouk thomaskouk at yahoo.gr
Wed Nov 17 01:17:13 PST 2010

Hi all,
I am newbie in PostGIS and I have a problem exporting a polygon table in shp. I 
want to export specific spatial tables from by database using a batch procedure 
(bat file). The command I use is:
pgsql2shp -P [password] -f [shapefile path & name] postgis [tablename], for 
example: pgsql2shp -P postgres -f Data\Buffers\ Buffer.shp postgis buffer_table
It works fine with all other spatial tables (linestring or multilinestring 
type). For polygons it also seems to work, as I get no error message:
    Initializing... Done (postgis major version: 1).
    Output shape: Polygon
    Dumping: XX [1 rows].
However, when I try to load the polygon shp in Qgis or ArcGIS I get an error: 
ArcGIS cannot open the file, while QGIS loads the shp but displays nothing (as 
if the table is empty, which is not the case).
All my tables are spatial tables with no information on geometry_columns table, 
but even if I add the polygon table in the geometry_columns, nothing changes. 
After all, the function works with all other spatial non polygon tables despite 
the fact that geometry_columns holds no information on them, so this is not the 
I can load the postgis polygon table in qgis and export it manually to a shp, 
which works fine, but I need to do it in an automatic way using a command.
Has anyone come to this problem or is there something I do not know about 
exporting polygon tables to shp?

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