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Not sure how complex what you have is to graph.  I do wish there was a
package in R that could read ST_AsBinary format directly from PL/R and stuff
it into a spatial dataframe. Maybe someone else knows of that.  The closest
we found was an SQLite driver one for spatial lite which looked like it
could be retrofit to make a standalong binary digester. Can't recall where
that is.


If it's of any help to you we do have an example of using ST_DumpPoints
(introduced in PostGIS 1.5) and using that to populate R spatial data
frames.  The code can be downloaded from



And of course if you buy the book http://www.postgis.us/page_buy_book
(directly from Manning you get the beta book now (you get all chapters
complete but undergoing revision and polishing) ) and the final book (eBook
or hard-copy), which we hope we will be DONE DONE around January (or
mid-late December if we are lucky).



Leo and Regina


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Hi David,

You can use PL/R to access R functionality from a Postgres SQL command line,
or you can use rgdal to read Postgis data into R.

So it depends on whether you want to work in the DB & add R capabilities, or
work in R & access Postgis data.



for a useful introduction to PL/R; and for rgdal, see:



  Brent Wood

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Hi List

Has anybody ever tried to read the value of geometry column from a table
into a R-language application  using the plr handler, is this a support

Thanks in advance.
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