[postgis-users] [Qgis-developer] Fwd: WKTRaster Plugin 0.1

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 07:20:19 PST 2010

Ok (I'm cross posting to qgis-developer and postgis-users).

I'm still not sure if I did express myself clearly:
You say, that under Windows, there's no QGIS compiled against GDAL
1.7/1.8 with PostGIS Raster support?

What I finally dream of, is using QGIS to display the results of a SQL
query (either as raster or vector) against at least one raster layer.
This query contains raster constructors (like ST_Intersection) and
operations (like ST_Reclass; see

Any suggestions?

2010/11/29 Maurício de Paulo <... at gmail.com>:
> Hi Stefan,
> WKTRaster Plugin just repasses the right information to the GDAL driver.
> It's not a new qgis driver.
> I'm planning on implementing the table listing using pyqt this week. I was a
> little delayed by my master's application.
> The idea in the plugin is simply find the QGIS's conections available, list
> the raster tables inside postgis and pass the right arguments to the gdal
> driver.
> At the moment I haven't found any gdal 1.7 windows build with QGIS. GDAL 1.7
> introduces wktraster. The driver conects to postgis raster and read it as a
> binary. It's still VERY unstable and gdal version 1.8 seems to be greatly
> improved.
> So what a windows user need to get the plugin to work is a (still not found)
> qgis compiled against gdal 1.7.
> You can compile your's from source if needed.
> So, as far as qgis to wktraster, with the plugin qgis reads the wktraster as
> a regular raster. Just for show. If you did some kind of processing and
> populated a new raster table, qgis is going to read that result too. The
> plugin is not intended (at the moment at least) to raster processing inside
> postgis. It just loads the table to the screen.
> In the future, with a more stable wktraster probably someone (or me) is
> going to write a set of wktraster's tools as a plugin, but for the moment it
> should be run as sql. I advise postgis manager's to the task.
> Best regards,
> 2010/11/29 Stefan Keller <... at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> There are new versions around of "PostGIS Raster"
>> (renamed from formerly known "PostGIS WKT Raster").
>> What's the status of your "WKTRaster Plugin 0.1"?
>> I assume it's rendering the raster values (e.g. from ST_AsBinary) -
>> not the polygons/geomvals (from ST_DumpAsPolygons), right?
>> Is there a chance to get it running on Windows too?
>> Are there other plugins?
>> Yours, S.

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