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Jorge Arévalo jorge.arevalo at deimos-space.com
Mon Nov 29 09:45:46 PST 2010


If you want a GDAL version compiled with PostGIS Raster support on
Windows, you may take a look here: http://vbkto.dyndns.org:1280/sdk/

Visualizing PostGIS Raster data via GDAL driver is one of my TODO
tasks. I don't have too much free time now, but if you're interested
on this topic, and you're going to test it, please let me know. There
are more people interested on that, and I'm providing support to some
of them (not as much support as I'd like, because the time...)

Best regards,

Jorge Arévalo
Internet & Mobilty Division, DEIMOS
jorge.arevalo at deimos-space.com

2010/11/29 Stefan Keller <sfkeller at gmail.com>:
> Ok (I'm cross posting to qgis-developer and postgis-users).
> I'm still not sure if I did express myself clearly:
> You say, that under Windows, there's no QGIS compiled against GDAL
> 1.7/1.8 with PostGIS Raster support?
> What I finally dream of, is using QGIS to display the results of a SQL
> query (either as raster or vector) against at least one raster layer.
> This query contains raster constructors (like ST_Intersection) and
> operations (like ST_Reclass; see
> http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/wiki/WKTRaster).
> Any suggestions?
> -S.
> 2010/11/29 Maurício de Paulo <... at gmail.com>:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> WKTRaster Plugin just repasses the right information to the GDAL driver.
>> It's not a new qgis driver.
>> I'm planning on implementing the table listing using pyqt this week. I was a
>> little delayed by my master's application.
>> The idea in the plugin is simply find the QGIS's conections available, list
>> the raster tables inside postgis and pass the right arguments to the gdal
>> driver.
>> At the moment I haven't found any gdal 1.7 windows build with QGIS. GDAL 1.7
>> introduces wktraster. The driver conects to postgis raster and read it as a
>> binary. It's still VERY unstable and gdal version 1.8 seems to be greatly
>> improved.
>> So what a windows user need to get the plugin to work is a (still not found)
>> qgis compiled against gdal 1.7.
>> You can compile your's from source if needed.
>> So, as far as qgis to wktraster, with the plugin qgis reads the wktraster as
>> a regular raster. Just for show. If you did some kind of processing and
>> populated a new raster table, qgis is going to read that result too. The
>> plugin is not intended (at the moment at least) to raster processing inside
>> postgis. It just loads the table to the screen.
>> In the future, with a more stable wktraster probably someone (or me) is
>> going to write a set of wktraster's tools as a plugin, but for the moment it
>> should be run as sql. I advise postgis manager's to the task.
>> Best regards,
>> 2010/11/29 Stefan Keller <... at gmail.com>
>>> Hi,
>>> There are new versions around of "PostGIS Raster"
>>> (renamed from formerly known "PostGIS WKT Raster").
>>> What's the status of your "WKTRaster Plugin 0.1"?
>>> I assume it's rendering the raster values (e.g. from ST_AsBinary) -
>>> not the polygons/geomvals (from ST_DumpAsPolygons), right?
>>> Is there a chance to get it running on Windows too?
>>> Are there other plugins?
>>> Yours, S.
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