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Yep, someone thinks QGIS can clip better than Arc, so can Postgis AFAIK. That doesn't make either "more powerful than ArcGIS".

I've been using QGIS in a production environment, since v0.2, Postgis since v0.7, & GMT since 2.x (I think). I work in what is largely an ESRI house for GIS purposes, & have never used an ESRI application in some 15 years as a "GIS expert". (I have used Genamap & Mapinfo though). So I'm quite conversant with FOSS GIS tools & what they can & can't do.

I've done "GIS-y" things that Arc couldn't, but I'm fully aware that many day-to-day production GIS operations can still be done in Arc better than any collection of Open Source tools.  OS is catching up, and the disparate tools becoming more integrated & interoperable, largely due to OSGEO & the cooperative development community, so QGIS plus R plus GRASS plus Postgis plus Geonetwork plus ... is getting closer, and in _some_ areas is easily exceeding what ArcGIS can deliver, (as I delight in pointing out to my colleagues :-) but there are still some areas where it is inferior. GMT aside, there is no effective open source cartographic tool, & GMT does not integrate well enough with other tools to become part of a fully interoperable GIS suite (but v5 is getting closer!) SAGA has some nice analytical capabilities, but is not particularly interoperable.

QGIS is a long way from being as powerful as Arc, an Open Source suite/stack including GQIS is close to as powerful generally, & perhaps more powerful in some areas.But is not there yet IMHO. But that day does not look like being far away.

See you all at FOSS4g!

Brent Wood

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Il giorno gio, 16/06/2011 alle 14.39 +0200, Andreas Neumann ha scritto: 
> Thanks for the explanation. ArcGIS is still more powerful than QGIS, 

Are you *really* sure?
I'd be interested in knowing how.
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc

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