[postgis-users] Tiger Geocoder 2010 setup issues

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Haven't had a chance to recheck our script to confirm its not something

Which version of PostGIS  are you working with?

 You can ignore the does not exist, skipping errors -- those are trying to
drop tables which wouldn't exist for new installs.

The addr does not exist often happens if you don't have tiger in your
database search_path.  Make sure its in your search_path.  Also you can
verify the table exists
By making sure you have a tiger schema and it has tables like addr, edges

Regarding your ident problem.

PostgreSQL can listen on localhost or local port and depending on which that
has to be registered in pg_hba.conf

You can try taking out the PGHOST line since you may be running only on a
non-IP port and see if that helps or change your pg_hba.conf to allow.

Regarding this issue:

especially because an early command is


I'm pretty sure we fixed that so I suspect your version is probably out of
data and you may want to just redownload from PostGIS site (either the SVN
tar ball or directly from svn)

Regina and Leo

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I'm trying to setup the TIGER Geocoder, following the readme here:
I'm setting it up on a centos 5.5 server.
My questions are below, organized by the step in the README.

------| Step 3.  Edit the tiger_loader.sql to the paths of your
executables server etc.
Is the UNZIPTOOL variable supposed to be changed, or left at its default?

------| Step 4.  Edit the create_geocode.bat or create_geocode.sh and 
------| run

When I ran the file, I got a boatload of NOTICEs like the following,
interspersed throughout the output:

psql:tables/lookup_tables_2010.sql:4: NOTICE:  table "direction_lookup" does
not exist, skipping
psql:tables/lookup_tables_2010.sql:39: NOTICE:  table
"secondary_unit_lookup" does not exist, skipping

Is this something I should be concerned about?  Did I skip something?

Perhaps more alarmingly, the output finished with this:

ERROR:  relation "addr" does not exist

Again, what should I do?

------| 8. Run this command at psql or pgAdmin III query window to
generate the script.
The first line of the generated script doesn't look right:


especially because an early command is


Also, when I try to run the generated script anyway, I get a boatload of

psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "daniel"

...which is strange to me because I user I thought user daniel had rights on
the PGDATABASE.  Indeed, user daniel can create/delete schemas on it.  Am I
misunderstanding something about postgres permissions?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.
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