[postgis-users] Function to change order of lon/lat in WKT-string?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Thu Mar 3 03:44:24 PST 2011

Well its a new function in the upcoming PostGIS 2.0, but sadly doesn't exist
in prior versions of PostGIS.
If you don't have issues with running a not yet released version of PostGIS,
then you can use it.
Hope that helps,


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Hello folks!

We, and by ”we” I mean the developer team that I currently work in, are
lookning for a PostGIS-function that can change the order of the coordinates
in a WKT-string (lat/lon) to the “correct” way (lon/lat). 

1. Is there such a function already in place? I can’t find any..

2. If not, does anyone know if its on it’s way?

        2b. If not.. Should we try to create such a function our self? And
is anyone else interested in this so we should try to commit it in to

Best regards, Mårten Swärd

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