[postgis-users] Editing a shapefile from PostGIS

Dheeraj Chand dheeraj at dheerajchand.com
Mon Mar 7 14:18:52 PST 2011

Hello! have a shapefile of political districts that is giving me some grief. I thought that something had gone wrong in the shp2pgsql at first, so I opened the shapefile in QGIS.  Then I thought I had a bad shapefile, period, so I started looking for  as many different ones of the same geography as I could find, and the problem is replicated. Parts of district 9 are contained within parts of district 20, and vice versa.  

This is throwing off my labeling in a major way.  Is there some way so sort of take an eraser, so to speak, to those small islands of 9 and 20 that are contained in each other?

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