[postgis-users] newbie prob: PostgreSQL server will not connect so PostGIS installation fails with dbcreate

Florian Reimer gissolution at gmx.de
Tue Mar 8 05:11:03 PST 2011


I am totally new to PostgreSQL & PostGIS so I excuse that my question is lame, but the hint in the pgAdmin III help did not work out. As I think I tried to install with all default settings, this might occur to other newbies too:

I installed PostgreSQL 9.0 under Windos98 with the installer, fine. I left the default settings for server/account creation: postgres, localhost, 5432.

In the pgAdmin III prog (Windows GUI) I dont manage to connect the server, that's why my PostGIS 1.5 installation also fails.

I read in pgAdmin III help that postgresql.conf setting must be:
# - Connection Settings -

listen_addresses = '*'

...AND this was its setting already by default.

So why cant I connect the server? Where do I want to connect anyway? - as actually I just want to install PostGIS on a machine to have a look at it.

Anyone please with some newbie-help how to connect the PostgresSQL server so I can install and launch PostGIS? *offering some virtual cookies*

Thanks a lot and cheers

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