[postgis-users] PostGIS Raster Decimal?

Andreas Forø Tollefsen andreasft at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 07:53:15 PDT 2011

Hi. Again.

I have been working on some raster data in PostGIS lately.
However, i have some issues with the raster values become integer after
importing the sql to postgis.
For instance this procedure:

c:\prio_grid\script\raster2pgsql.py -
r c:\prio_grid\source\gpw\lrc30p90\glp90ag30\w001001.adf -t gpw90 -s 4326 -o
90.sql -I -M

Then to database:
C:\prio_grid\source\gpw>psql -h -d priogrid -f gpw90.sql

Querying this data:
SELECT gpw90.gid, ((gpw90.gpw90val).val) AS gpw90
INTO popgrid
FROM (SELECT priogrid_land.gid, ST_Intersection(gpw90.rast,
priogrid_land.centroid) AS gpw90val FROM gpw90, priogrid_land WHERE
ST_Intersects(priogrid_land.centroid, gpw90.rast)) AS gpw90
WHERE gpw90.gid = 139303
GROUP BY gid,((gpw90.gpw90val))

gid; gpw90

The value in the original raster is:

Question is then. How can i ensure that raster remain decimal and not
integer after this import and query process?

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