[postgis-users] "Linux" geocoder script ?

fork forkandwait at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 16:43:25 PDT 2011

Daniel Ball <danpelota <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I had the same problem on my Linux install last week. Basically, I had
> to edit the bash script line-by-line to get it to work on my Fedora
> box. I plan on submitting my corrections/improvements when I find the
> time this week.

Cool, in the sense that I am not crazy....

I will keep an eye out for your changes.

I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to track state-by-state loader scripts as
text; I tried looking at the sql functions and data to make this and my eyes
crossed just because of the quotes of quotes of quotes...  With bash/ sh there
are a lot of standard ENVARS that could be used (like TMP, HOME, etc), plus any
of the standard Postgres ENVARS.

> I'm impressed with the functionality of the geocoder and appreciate
> all the work that's gone into the geocoder, but to answer your
> question: yes, I think the loader needs some love :)

Heck yes -- Postgis + geocoder + raster is one of the poster children of the new
era.  I just want to do my little part....

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