[postgis-users] "Linux" geocoder script ?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Mar 22 18:20:11 PDT 2011

It shouldn't be too much of a rework.  Most of those things are in variables
in the respective tiger tables.  I just haven't documented that piece well.
So all the shp2pgsql calls are pretty generic and used for any of the
scripts whether windows or sh.

But of course you know my little secret, I was born a windows
administrator..  I use mostly windows :).  


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Paragon Corporation <lr <at> pcorp.us> writes:

> Fork,
> Haven't had a chance to test on Linux yet.  That's on my todo to fix 
> the Linux, but sadly haven't gotten to it.

It's all good!

I would think about the loader script pretty hard ... it is pretty far from
usable.  I would definitely call it "sh" not "linux" (don't want to piss off
the  BSD'ers or the SUN ^H^H Oracle folks).  Also, it looks like someone
started to convert the bat file and then just stopped midstream (e.g. "%%z"
for expanding the variable z -- that should be $Z in shell).  

If a big rework is in the pipeline, I would generate a header dynamically
with lots of variable assignments (UNZIPTOOL='blah.exe'), and keep the calls
to shp2pgsql, etc in a body that isn't changed at all but accesses
everything with variables.

Daniel -- could you post your edited script so we could take a look?  I
promise to do mine.

I have all sorts of additional issues, but some of them are due to the fact
I am trying to pretend my (work-issued) windows machine is a real operating
system, but it has the idiotic pathnames with spaces, etc.

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