[postgis-users] "Linux" geocoder script ?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sat Mar 26 08:58:39 PDT 2011

> fork <forkandwait <at> gmail.com> writes:

> > One of these days hopefully soon, I'll dust off my OpenSUSE VM  and 
> > build PostGIS 2.0 and test Tiger geocoder on it.
Turns out we might have to test this and get it to work on Linux sooner than
later since we have a prospective client running on Linux that wants this.

> If anyone is interested, I have been working on an alternative script to
import Tiger, based on the output from the function that generates a script.
Its a "gist" on github.
You might want to also look at the script in the legacy_import folder of
That was a script set up by Steve Frost for 2008 when he reworked the tiger
geocoder to work with the new shp format.  We couldn't use that because the
client we needed to get this to work for 
Was a windows client and that script is Linux centric.

> I have only tested it piecemeal, and it is currently bombing at "## create
address data, one per county" near the bottom (I think because the tiger
parent addr table doesn't match the table generated by shp2pgsql.
Yap that is correct.  That is why we had a function that strips of the extra
fields or renames them.  It was easier for us to keep the same naming than
to change to the new tiger field namings (which apparently in many cases
they prefixed with the year). 
 We also concluded it was more extensible for future because the idea of
reworking the code everytime they came out with a new dataset was not
terribly appealing to us.

So check out the function - loader_load_staged_data in tiger folder   and
you'll see what I mean

> The idea is that you just change a few parameters at the top and then run
it for your state.  It would be *far* easier to write code to SQL to
generate a bunch of "X=Y\n" lines than what it does now.
I like the idea of putting more parameters at the top, the reason we didn't
and stored many of  the parameters in the table is because that is where the
Linux/Windows/Unix code breaks apart and is different and our objective was
to strive to create
Something that could be used on all platforms (not just Linux).  Honestly
that was our frustration with prior loader scripts is that most of our
clients were on windows and needed it to work on windows and it didn't so
they didn't use the geocoder.

  The only piece that is 
truly cross platform is plpgsql (and also partly shp2pgsql) so that is why
most of the variable specific stuff is kept in the tables 

loader_platform, loader_variables

so that we could as much as possible abstract away the non-crossplatform
commandline and not require people to install perl or any other additional


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