[postgis-users] csv table to points and then create line based on same name

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I'm new around here and after working a while with postgis/postgresql, I'd like to get something that up to know is advanced for me. Please don't get mad at me if this is a stupid question =)

I want to create a line table based on a point table, which it is composed of rows with equal names, this is an example of this csv table:








I loaded this csv table into my database without problems, so this is how it looks like:

profile  | longitude | latitude |                        geom                        
 HH00-23  |  -80.2835 | -8.05167 | 0101000020E6100000A01A2FDD241254C05F5E807D741A20C0
 HH00-23  |   -80.633 | -8.20033 | 0101000020E61000008D976E12832854C0BBD05CA7916620C0
 HH00-22  |  -80.6027 |  -8.2655 | 0101000020E6100000265305A3922654C00E2DB29DEF8720C0
 HH00-22  |  -80.2018 |   -8.094 | 0101000020E61000004D158C4AEA0C54C0E3A59BC4203020C0

now comes the part I don't know how to solve it, I want to get a table like this:

profile | comments |                geom
HH00-23 | some stuff | "HERE THE GEOMETRY SHOULD BE A LINE!"
HH00-22 | some stuff | "HERE THE GEOMETRY SHOULD BE A LINE!"

the case is that I have these points (from the csv table) in order, so, a straight line should be build after connecting the points. Here I showed just two pairs of points in each case, but I have also in that table 6 to 10 points with the same profile name. I did this in arcgis manually and it is painful, I think that postgis is definitively more practice.

Any hint is very welcome,

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