[postgis-users] Setting up PostGis, fail at applying 900913.sql

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Sun Oct 2 16:45:42 PDT 2011


i just tried to install the latest Postgis from scratch and fail at applying
900913.sql to my database.  At least this is where i get the error, maybe the 
failure happens before, i'm not sure about that.

I successfully installed:
- proj.4.7.0 with proj-datumgrid-1.5
- geos-3.3.1
- postgis-1.5.3

Then i created the PostgreSQL database and initialised it
I use PostGreSQL 9.0:
In /usr/share/postgres/contrib/postgis-1.5:
psql -d gis -f postgis.sql
psql -d gis -f spatial_ref_sys.sql

psql -d gis
createuser -Upostgres -S -D -R tmohr

GRANT ALL on geometry_columns TO tmohr
GRANT ALL on spatial_ref_sys TO tmohr

I continued to install:
- gdal-1.8.1
- mapnik-2.0.0 => INPUT_PLUGINS=postgis,gdal,ogr,shape,raster

All goes fine so far, at least there are no error messages.

In the database "gis" i have two tables now:
gis-# \dt
               Liste der Relationen
 Schema |       Name       |   Typ   | Eigentümer 
 public | geometry_columns | Tabelle | postgres
 public | spatial_ref_sys  | Tabelle | postgres
(2 Zeilen)

When i then try to apply 900913.sql to the database:

postgres at schleim:/tmp/osm2pgsql/osm2pgsql> psql -d gis -f 900913.sql 
psql:900913.sql:1: FEHLER:  doppelter Schlüsselwert verletzt Unique-Constraint 
DETAIL:  Schlüssel »(srid)=(900913)« existiert bereits.

Some points:

- I'm not sure if there shouldn't be more tables already in there?

- When creating the language plpgsql i get the warning that it already exists,
  i get no other warnings during the commands above.

- When dropping the dbase and not executing spatial_ref_sys.sql,
  all goes fine, except that importing planet.osm fails as there exists
  no tables:
  - planet_osm_point, planet_osm_line, planet_osm_polygon, ..... etc.

I'm not sure how to proceed, can anybody give me a hint on what goes wrong?
At what step should the tables planet_osm_* exist?

Thanks for any hints,

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