[postgis-users] Ultimate solution to assign_vertex_id() error bug :-)

于龙振 realylz at 126.com
Tue Oct 4 16:43:19 PDT 2011


CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "vertices_tmp_id_seq" for serial column "vertices_tmp.id" CONTEXT: SQL statement "CREATE TABLE vertices_tmp (id serial)" PL/pgSQL function "assign_vertex_id" line 21 at EXECUTE statementERROR: relation "baharestan.roads" does not exist CONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT count(*) as countids FROM "baharestan.roads"" PL/pgSQL function "assign_vertex_id" line 28 at FOR over EXECUTE statement


sorry for my poor english:


I read plpgsql program of assign_vertex_id in pgAdminIII and find a bug,there are three lines like followed:


FOR _r IN EXECUTE 'SELECT srid FROM geometry_columns WHERE f_table_name='''|| quote_ident(geom_table)||''';' LOOP
 srid := _r.srid;


there is something wrong with "quote_ident(tablename)",this command will add " around tablename, just like   quote_ident(tablename) <=> "tablename"
However, the above condition, program should modified to:


FOR _r IN EXECUTE 'SELECT srid FROM geometry_columns WHERE f_table_name='''|| geom_table||''';' LOOP
 srid := _r.srid;


that's because there are  ' around tablename, there will be error with '"tablename"' instead of 'tablename'.
ok! with above the little modification, there will be no error with assign_vertex_id() :-)
I'think there maybe someother similar error because of the quote_ident. I'm thankful for your hardship!
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