[postgis-users] Problems with the storage of raster data, raster2pgsql.py -errors

Torsten.Drey at t-systems.com Torsten.Drey at t-systems.com
Fri Oct 7 06:33:31 PDT 2011


I'm new to this list and also rather new to the work with PostGIS , I used to work with it a couple of years ago and started with it again 2 weeks ago.

Right now I'm experimenting a little bit with the possibilities to store raster in PostGIS. I have a PostGIS 2.0 installation on top of PostgreSQL 9.1 (Running on Centos 5.7).
What I did is to register 8bit and 16bit GeoTiffs inside postgis, i.e. as out-db raster. This works absolutely fine and when I publish this data via geoserver performance is extremely good!
When I load and store 8bit data inside postgis everything works well, too. But when  I try to load 16bit (the same data which I could register as an out-db raster in postgis) data I get an error. The error actually already occurs when I generate the SQL-file with raster2pgsql. When I execute:
python raster2pgsql.py -r dem_pgin  -t public.dem_pgin -s 32632 -k 512x512 -F  -I -o dem_pgin.sql

I get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File raster2pgsql.py, line 1040, in ?
  File raster2pgsql.py, line 1003, in main
    gt = wkblify_raster(opts, filename.replace( '\', '/') , i, gt)
  File raster2pgsql.py, line 945, in wkblify_raster
    summary = wkblify_raster_level(options, ds, options.overview_level, band_range, infile, i)
  File raster2pgsql.py, line 905, in wkblify_raster_level
    hexwkb += wkblify_band(options, band, level, xoff, yoff, read_block_size, block_size, infile, b)
  File raster2pgsql.py, line 825, in wkblify_band
    hexwkb = binascii.hexlify(out_pixels)
TypeError: non-character (or 8-bit) array cannot be interpreted as character buffer

Is this a general issue with 16bit data or is it maybe an error in raster2pgsql.py (From some searching it seems to be numpy issue)?

Any help is appreciated, Cheers


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