[postgis-users] storing AIXM in PostGIS?

Ákos Maróy akos at maroy.hu
Mon Oct 10 06:02:10 PDT 2011


> In general this seems like an easy task: all the PostGIS geometry types 
> supports X,Y,Z and M coordinates, and you are free to model your 
> database as you like.

I looked at this, but at first sight the whole of GML and PostGIS seems
to be extremely 2D oriented. like the concepts of a polygon, (closed)
linestring, etc. - these are all inherently 2D constructs. moreover, 2D
and 3D (geospatial) coordinates are very different in their 3d
dimension: as the first 2 dimensions are latitude and longitude, while
the 3d one is elevation - that is, elevation above a reference sphere.

thus, I don't really see at first sight how would one define a body in
3D space, that has, say, the 'footprint' of a polygon, but has a lower
and upper elevation as vertical boundaries. (for example, a space that
is an extrusion of a square, from 4000 feet to 8000 feet in elevation?)

but then again, I'm just studying the documentation, and maybe this is
something totally obvious - I'm sorry for not knowing more.

> On the other hand: i do not know the AIXM-format at all, and there is a 
> chance someone has done some work on a PostGIS storage of this, which 
> would save you a lot of work I gues..

might be :)


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